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  • Mastering Power and Politics at Work

    How much power and political intelligence does a leader need to have at any level in an organization? A great deal in order to be influential and have their opinions count. The material in this track discusses the positive and ethical uses of your power sources and how to use your political savvy wisely.
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  • Personal Branding

    Creating a personal brand is vital to securing and retaining lifelong business relationships. Differentiate yourself within the marketplace and develop your team or your own business as a go-to for clients. People work with those whom they trust and like; learn how to become that person that everyone wants to work with through a professional style all your own.
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  • Leading In and Through Change

    Change is possibly the only constant in our personal and professional lives. Learning how to lead, accept, manage and adapt to change is an essential skill for the 21st Century.
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  • Networking Skills, Strategies & Success

    Networking and marketing expert Marny Lifshen leads the professional development track on networking, providing practical tips, creative techniques and real-world stories that are relevant for professional women today. She will show you how to create, build and maintain mutually beneficial business relationships and to discover how networking can help you achieve your goals.
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  • Work Life Happiness

    Work Life Happiness is filled with the stories of women who have led happy lives in spite of, and sometimes in part because life’s tribulations lead them on a path they would not otherwise have taken. These are not necessarily the strongest or even the bravest women. Rather, they are ordinary people, like you and me.
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  • Globality

    Key tips, tools and advice for working with your colleagues around the world. Addressing the needs of those involved in international business; from the Prospective Candidate considering the Corporate Global Track to the Seasoned International Assignee (Ex-pat, Impat & Re-pats), including lessons learned for HR executives about the challenges and opportunities that come with Global Assignments.
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  • Words that Work, Language that Leads

    What you say, and how you say it is critical to being heard, communicating effectively and leading with conviction and confidence.
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  • Business Savvy

    As the business environment becomes more competitive, appropriate business protocol and having the tools to handle any situation play an important part in our daily lives. Enhance the way you do business by becoming more aware and more confident in all business situations. These social skills are crucial to business success today.
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w2wlink Professional Tracks, the premier community dedicated to professional women, has launched an exciting service/offer developed for today's professional woman. Our new Professional Tracks are created by experts and designed to help you get to where you're going faster! Professional Tracks are your answer for continued professional development and to build action plans to reach goals.

We understand the challenges faced by today's professional women - with time being one of the most valued resources. Professional Tracks were developed with just that in mind.

Professional Tracks:

  • Cover hot topics that are areas key to leadership, career growth and entrepreneur business growth. Personal Branding, Globality, Business Savvy, Networking and Work Life Happiness with new topics coming soon.
  • Are designed to provide you the targeted information you need – when you need it. You can work through each 3 – 4 hour track at your own pace. Complete it in a day...complete it in a month. You can stop, start and repeat as often as desired.
  • Provide a community learning environment with a private, online discussion group - a network circle - made up of the Professional Track expert and others participating in the same professional track. Access messages from your online group from home, office and your mobile device - receive sharing, motivations, actions and follow-through when it is convenient for you.
  • Are made up of a combination of written, audio and video to inspire and appeal to many learning styles. Tracks are grouped into four actionable modules.
  • Start with a self-assessment and end with an action plan that we share back to you in a month after completion. Continue with your online network circle as you implement new learned leadership and business styles.

w2wlink provides you relevant information and peer networking to continue your professional development and further your career... all in one place! Our easy to use, integrated approach is designed to help you get to where you are going - faster!

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