Negotiation Skills

Negotiating Successfully with Children

Use your negotiation skills effectively

Use your negotiation skills effectively

Guidelines to negotiate successfully with your children

As parents, you may have said these words a million times to your children.

“Put the video game away and complete your homework.”
“Go with your grandmother to the temple.”
“Watch your sister while I make dinner.”

You have also heard the...

Professional Image

Providing Visual Cues on the First Impression

One strategic piece of jewelry...

One strategic piece of jewelry...

Tips for Women in Business

You step up in front of the group to make your presentation. (One person, ten, a hundred, it makes no difference.)  In that instant, before you open your mouth to say anything, your audience has made decisions about you - right or wrong. (We’ve all done it.) They’ve evaluated your hair, your...

Corporate Fast Track

Microwave or Marinate

Answering Your Questions

We're in your corner with big decisions

Entrepreneurial Journey

4 Lessons From a Female Entrepreneur

Exploring new business opportunities

Monisha Perkash shares four tips

Networking / Work Transition

Last Kiss: Divorce and Split-Ups with Business Partners

Divorce and Split-Ups with Business Partners

How to manage the break-up.

Community and Events

Tip of the week

Tip of the Week: David McNabb

Director of Communications at Parish Episcopal School

Sports tips to connect at work.

Work Life Balance

Recharge for Family and Work

The Value of Brief Vacations

Time Out! The Value of Brief Vacations for Busy Women


Your Style: Classic is Key

All you need

is a few key fashion pieces.

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