Making Yourself Memorable

At a networking event, what sets you apart?

At a networking event, what sets you apart?

5 Approaches for Women in Business

For some people, being memorable is effortless, an unconscious act of nature. They may have a certain hitch in their walk or lilt in their accent that distinguishes them. Or they may just say the darnedest things that somehow work their way into your memory. These folks are the lucky ones; they have the ability to...

Entrepreneurial Journey

Traits of Top Women Entrepreneurs

The keys to success for women entrepreneurs.

The keys to success for women entrepreneurs.

Women in Leadership

The growth of women’s entrepreneurship in the last few decades has been extraordinary. According to the Small Business Administration, women-owned businesses accounted for a mere 4.5 percent of all businesses in 1977. In 2008, more than 40 percent of all businesses are 51 percent women-owned. However, only 3...

Corporate Fast Track

Confidence is Your Best Accessory

Train yourself

to recognize yourself - be confident!

Entrepreneurial Journey

Creating an Exit Plan for Your Business

Exit Planning for Your Business

Don't put it off!

Networking / Work Transition

5 Ways to Overcome Creative Blocks

Maximize Your Creativity

Get your creative juices flowing.

Work Life Balance

Making Your Career Relaunch Easier for Your Kids

Making Your Career Relaunch Easier for Your Kids

How you can ease the transition.


Personalize your Professional Wardrobe

Today's successful women prove

style has its place at work!

Community and Events

Entrepreneurial Tip of the week

Sports Tip of the week

Tip of the Week: David McNabb

Director of Communications at Parish Episcopal School

Sports tips to connect at work.

Forum and Networking Circle

Career Transition, Words That Work with Cathy Groos moderating, and more forums...

Cathy, What do you recommend in a situation that you have a peer that interrupts as you are pitching in a team...

Hi Liz, Two options: the first is to set the ground rules before the meeting "hold comments until the...

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